Land Surveying

Professional Land Surveyors in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Matson Peck & Topliss has a proven track record, a wealth of experience accrued over many successful projects, and offers a variety of land surveying services.

For clients who demand the best, we provide cost-effective site planning, thoughtful feasibility studies, creative subdivision design as well as the most precise results from our detailed engineering surveys. Our office in the Lower Mainland is ready to help.

Matson Peck & Topliss is here to enhance your land development process. From rural surveys for residential homeowners to projects for urban municipalities and clients in the industrial sector, our survey expertise can accommodate everyone.

Land Surveying Applications Include:

  • New home construction
  • Renovations
  • Property line determination
  • Strata condo development
  • Topographic services
  • Monitoring
  • Telecommunications, utilities, and pipelines
  • Restrictive covenants

Land (Legal) Surveying

Our land surveying services include:

  • Subdivision
  • Strata properties
  • Air space plans
  • Repostings
  • Lease
  • Building certificates for financing
  • Municipal non-encroachment certificates
  • Reference plans
  • Easement and Right-of-way plans
  • Foreshore

3D Digital Scanning

Numerous applications such as:

  • Elevator Shafts (Plumbness, Clearance Analysis, etc.)
  • Floor Flatness (Heatmap & FF/FL Report)
  • Precise Volumes (Stockpiles & Excavation)
  • Building Facades
  • Manholes & Chambers
  • Pipes & Other As-Builts

Engineering and Industrial Surveys

Our engineering surveying services include:

  • Topographic 
  • Route
  • Control
  • Layout
  • Quantities
  • As-constructed
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Trees and Landscaping

Geodetic Surveys

Our geodetic surveying services include:

  • GPS control
  • First and second order leveling
  • Relative and absolute positioning

Construction Services

Our construction surveying services include:

  • Precise positioning
  • General layout for excavation, buildings and utility infrastructure

Hydrographic Surveys

Bathymetry – subsurface topography of tidal and non-tidal waterways

Canada Lands Surveys

Our experienced staff includes a licenced Canada Land Surveyor (CLS), for surveys within areas such as:

  • First Nations Lands
  • Federal Crown Land