Civil Engineering

Professional Civil Engineers in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

MPT Engineering, and our associate company, Matson Peck & Topliss Land Surveyors, have been providing professional civil engineering and land surveying services since 1956.  Throughout our history, we have provided consulting services for thousands of private land development and public municipal projects in the Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  Our business success and longevity is based on well-established customer relations and a reputation for quality product.

The ownership and employees of the MPT Engineering are comprised of a multi-discipline group of Professional Civil Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, Civil Technologists and Civil/Survey Technicians.

Our Civil Engineering services include:

Civil engineering planning, design, coordination, liaison, administration, construction field review and as-constructed record keeping, in particular in relation to:

  • Roadworks/Surface Works and Street Lighting
  • Waterworks
  • Storm Sewer and Stormwater Management
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Cost Estimating, Tender and Contract Preparation and Administration
  • Construction Field Reviews (Inspection) and As-Constructed Record Preparation

Our expertise, combined with a thorough approach to all aspects of our work, results in minimizing project’s requirements, construction costs and approval process duration. 

MPT Engineering Co. Ltd. has a staff of highly trained professionals who employ the most advanced software and other technologies in order to deliver the best engineering solutions. We apply our creative and experienced design solutions and expertise to ensure that the project is completed in a cost-effective manner.

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Our studies and analyses services include:

  • Servicing feasibility studies
  • Municipal development studies
  • Servicing construction cost estimates
  • Water, storm and sanitary analysis
  • Fire flow analysis
  • Stormwater and Rainwater Management Plans

Liaison and Coordination Services

Our liaison and Coordination services include expertise in negotiation engineering solutions relating to:

  • Local/Municipal Governments
  • Utility Companies
  • Transportation Authorities
  • Regional Districts


Our design services include:

  • Conceptual design
  • Traffic functional plans
  • Detailed design of municipal roads and utilities
  • Detailed design of private roadways and civil services

Construction Services

Our construction surveying services include:

  • Tenders and Contracts
  • Construction Inspection and Liaison/Coordination
  • Construction Supervision
  • Contract Administration
  • As-Constructed Drawings
  • Record drawings

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