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Recent Graduates

Article Student

Will you join the many British Columbia Land Surveyors who have articled and earned their commission with Matson Peck and Topliss?
Our Land Surveyors have the knowledge and understanding of the articling process, and will support and encourage you in attaining your goal of professional accreditation. You will gain experience in many areas of surveying through our varied client’s interesting and different projects.

Instrument Man (Party Chief)

Have you had some experience in engineering and/or land surveying on a field crew and want to explore the possibility of advancement?
You are an excellent communicator and good with people. In running a field survey crew your organizational skills will contribute to the efficient completion of survey projects. You can successfully translate sometimes complicated survey requirements to accurate and precise results.

Survey Assistant

Do you have the desire to know more about the distinctive field of distance measurement? Start your career with us as the assistant to a party chief in a survey crew. You will travel throughout the lower mainland helping to determine property boundaries, monitor earth and building settlement, and contribute to the completion of many other varied projects.

CADD Technician

Support our field team with your computer drafting skills in transforming field observations to comprehensive, clear drawings for our clients. Convert measurements from architectural drawings to field distances for construction project layout.

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