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About Us

Since its inception the combined firms of Matson Peck and Topliss and M.P.T. Engineering Co. Ltd. have successfully completed tens of thousands of land surveying and civil engineering projects throughout the province of British Columbia. Both companies work together to find solutions to complex land development engineering challenges

Since we provide both land surveying and civil engineering services under one roof, the benefits for our clients include:

  • cost savings
  • efficiency
  • project timing with integrating services 

This combination of services provides for a more efficient coordination of projects.

In addition, our firm employs some of the most technologically advanced geomatics professionals in Canada. We are a technologically driven company that provides professional land surveying along with a lengthy list of expert consulting services.

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Contact Us:
Phone: (604)270-9331
Fax: (604)270-4137
Email: info@mpt.bc.ca